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Workforce Readiness

    Don't go searching for the definition of Workforce Readiness in Webster's dictionary - there isn't one!  Don't worry, we'll explain exactly what it is and why you need to know.  Workforce readiness is just that:  preparing new and returning workplace entrants for the workforce and ensuring that workplaces  connect with and welcome new workforce members.  Workforce readiness becomes especially important when there is an abundance of workers (high unemployment) or a shortage of workers (low unemployment).  When job seekers and employers are faced with these challenges they need, more than ever, assistance with Workforce Readiness.  The Nevada State SHRM Council has compiled resources for job seekers and employers in Northern Nevada.  As Northern Nevada faces record low unemployment, a skilled workforce becomes increasing necessary and in short supply.  The resource listing provides website information for skills enhancement, job placement/assistance, and services available to employers to find needed workforce.   Ultimately, the end result is maintaining a skilled labor force which benefits job seekers and employers.

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    An added benefit of the Nevada Workforce Readiness website ( is that it has a link for the public to email updates to the site at This means it isn't a static resource, but dynamic and changing to meet the public's needs!

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