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About Us

    SHRM State Council is here to serve you

    As members of the Southern and Northern Nevada Chapters of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), you’re probably well aware of the State Council’s existence, but may not be familiar with its purpose.

    Your Nevada State Council is comprised of knowledgable experts in the field of human resources working within our communities. They are educators, attorneys, hotel and banking executives and business owners. The primary mission of the Council is to provide a forum for chapters to discuss common issues, problems and concerns, and to share ideas and successes.

    State Council members serve as the conduit for communication among SHRM chapters, at-large members, and the area and national boards. They also coordinate HR professional development efforts, and facilitate services and programs for the collective interest of SHRM and local chapter members and leaders, and prospective members.

    The general responsibilities of the State Council include

    Supporting and implementing SHRM policies, strategies and objectives within the state. Establishing priorities and objectives, and administering plans and programs. Reviewing accomplishments, developing sound organizational structure and communicating closely with area and national boards as well as with chapters and members within the state.

    Representing SHRM chapters and members in conducting the affairs of the Council. Establishing and maintaining a close relationship with chapters while providing assistance and counsel to them. Developing and promoting new chapters within the state, based on growth potential.

    Developing and promoting professional development opportunities for SHRM members, and supporting and promoting chapter and national programs, seminars, workshops and conferences.

    Maintaining effective communications with area and national leaders and headquarters staff. Providing timely responses to requests for information. Publishing regular reports of the Council’s activities, including minutes of meetings and periodic reports as requested by the area vice president.

    Developing and encouraging active student programs and activities. Providing for student chapters and student members to participate in local and statewide programs and activities.

    Promoting HR certification programs through state and local activities. Encouraging the certification of all Council members and communicate the benefits of certification to non-certified members. Within and outside SHRM, offering opportunities for certification through statewide and local programs for study and testing. Encouraging local chapter study group programs and activities. Developing communications programs in certification.